Xavier Berastegui

Xavi Berastegui

Xavi is a photographer from Barcelona who developed his passion from an early age. Born into a family with a long history in the arts, he developed his own particular way of observing life around him. It's this way of looking at the world that inspires Xavi's unique and personal photographic style.

Xavi is trilingual, speaking fluent Catalan, Spanish and English since he was 3 years old. Living in a fashionable cosmopolitan city such as Barcelona has enabled him to have an open mind and seek thrills and new adventures in both his personal and professional life. Besides his own outlook, a highly creative educational environment and family life have enabled Xavi to take an interest and bring a fresh approach to  wide range of photography subjects and disciplines including portrait, fashion, reportage, and commercial shoots.

Dedication to his craft has enable Xavi to gain some high profile experience early in his young career. He has recently been commissioned to shoot for several fashion brands including Llongueras, the backstage catwalk for Naulover at 080 Barcelona Fashion Week, and a range of editorials for many students of fashion and jewellery.

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